What is it?

Cubic Tech’s non-woven fabrics, Cuben Fiber and CTF³, contain thinly spread mono-filaments of high tech fibers such as Dyneema®, Vectran®, Aramid, Zylon® or Carbon. Specialty coatings encapsulate and protect the filament layers which are organized into multidirectional reinforced panels. The fabrics have excellent resistance to wear and delamination.

Engineered Materials

Cubic Tech materials are ideal for engineered designs due to their low stretch linear elastic properties. CT’s non-woven materials maximize translation of fiber properties while minimizing weight. This is in comparison to woven fabrics, which suffer from significant structural drawbacks especially when using high modulus fibers. Traditional weaving processes induce crimp in the fibers which cause stress concentrations and wear points that significantly reduce the strength and long term performance of the fabric. The filaments in Cubic Tech materials aren’t crimped so the material immediately picks up load without the fibers needing to first straighten out.
Cubic Tech has the capability to combine the proper type and quantity of fibers, and the most appropriate outer surface material to engineer solutions that best meet our customers needs.
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Reduce Weight

Cubic Tech materials afford significant weight savings in comparison to traditional fabrics by using high strength fibers spread as thin as possible, while simultaneously reducing coating weight. Fiber content is completely customizable and can be engineered for your solution, unlike woven fabrics which offer limited customization or significant development costs for custom fiber content. Cubic Tech often manufactures Cuben Fiber containing warp and fill fibers that weighs only 11.4 gsm (0.34 oz/yd^2)!

Tear Resistance

Cubic Tech’s materials containing 0°, 90°, +45° and -45° fiber reinforcement offer an order of magnitude higher rip-stop performance when compared on an equivalent weight and thickness with any competing fabric.

Surface Coatings & Films

Low-gauge films with various surface finishes, coatings, and/or woven fabrics are bonded to the fiber reinforcement. The appropriate surface material may be chosen based on end use conditions and material property considerations. These surface material choices add customizable properties such as flame resistance, gas-tightness, wear resistance, and UV protection.