About Cubic Tech

Cubic Tech has a rich history in the development of innovative composite materials and continues to produce lighter and stronger flexible laminates as demands for these materials evolve.


The 1992 America’s Cup was won by America3 using sail fabrics exclusively made with processes developed by RJ Downs and Heiner Meldner with the strong support of Bill Koch, head and skipper of the America3 team.

In 1997, Cuben Fiber Corporation started to produce advanced versions of the flexible composite sail fabric that won the Americas Cup. Improved aerospace manufacturing processes were developed and used with higher performance fibers and better material options than those available during the America3 winning cup campaign in 1992.

Due to the demand for high tech materials in non-sailing applications, a second company, Cubic Tech Corporation was founded in 2003, to develop all non-sailing applications of Cuben Fiber laminates.

In 2007, Cuben Fiber Corporation was acquired by North Marine Group and became North Cuben Fiber, LLC.

Cubic Tech Corporation continues to develop new materials for aerospace and medical equipment and many other specialized applications.